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Taking Care Our City Collectively

This is not new. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for years now. Probably some of you know and recognize with the name Voice Of Jakarta (VOJ), website that originally built as an internet radio site. A year ago I decided to change VOJ positioning from internet radio site to Jakarta-focused site, the site that we can brought up all issue about Jakarta and the problem among the people that live in it. Ideally I want it to be UGC site but unfortunately until now no one want to write anything about our city Jakarta, well I have to admit, probably this site is not popular enough so people lost their appetite to contribute cause they feel they won’t get anything even exposure from this site….that’s make sense to me. So it’s just like chicken and egg dilemma for VOJ I might say.

Last weekend I met my ex- Yahoo! colleague, Kristiono Setyadi. He’s a programmer specialized on Android. We talked about few ideas that came from #weekendproject, exercise it and pull all the possibilities to make it into good opportunities. One of the idea is how can we facilitate community to take care the city where they live collectively. It’s sound so grand, so majestic but actually it’s as simple as we stick our phone number with label “Tell Us Your Problem With The City & We Will Publish It”. But of course we can’t do it that way 🙂

I always believe, the more I dive into this ocean of information, the faster I can get to know how to mashed up all this information into solution. So finally I found a simple way (much more simple than I thought), I will build and run one website, and I encourage all Jakartans to capture (with your smartphone or digital camera) everything that consider to be something that not right and send it to the site. It will show up and everyone with access to the internet can see it and learn from it.

So when it’s done I will announce it and I want you all Jakartans be part of it and together we going to take care our city collectively 🙂

p.s: #weekendproject basically are all projects that consider as an experimental and has been doing during my weekend time

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