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Moving On

This is what I’ve learned from big company like Yahoo! Even though in the past 5 years they looks like big overweight elephant, slow, long process on creating & updating but they listen to each market when they launch their product. They have mechanism called ‘sprint’ which is that’s the time when approved suggestion on product improvement to be pushed to live. Before that they put into sprint queuing, product team with all input from product manager, marketing, community manager and almost every person in the company work very hard to review one by one until they got final decision which one  for the next sprint. That’s how it goes.

Well, since I’ve dealt with product before, my reaction to product that pushed to the market without enough preparation was a bit upset. It’s just like you have to sell half-baked bread. I do understand no perfect product at its first launch but if the owner a bit open mind then we can work it out, but if you keep pushing it without realize external factor that caused it, then fail will be guaranteed.

After 5 months with Thoughtbuzz, I have learn something. Every market has different character and it’s makes investment & effort on each country also should be different too. You should care about the product instead only sales, especially if the market different from other.

It’s time to move on and looking for other opportunities…:-)


  1. Waaah…melayang cari2 tempat baru neh, Bang. Tapi paling Abang yang disamper kesempatan baru, bukan malah yg nyari 😉

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