Jakarta di Tahun 1941


Hasil istirahat saya siang ini adalah menemukan footage jarang yang memperlihatkan suasana Jakarta pada tahun 1941 yang diposting di Facebook oleh Sven Verbeek Wolthuys.

Saya kutipkan caption yang ada pada posting video tersebut:

Join me on a colourful journey to Jakarta in 1941. Enjoy the rare coloured footage, absorb the sounds and ambience of 77 years ago, listen to some original N.I.R.O.M radio broadcasting, recognise the buildings that do still exist in today’s Jakarta, and admire some of the beautiful Batavia landmarks that have sadly been demolished since then. Selamat jalan! [PS: Please ensure you turn on the sound, and click on the HD button on the screen to see in best quality]

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