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About This Blog

You read the story about me, right? On this page I want to tell you about this blog where the use has changed along with the benefits that are felt right for you and also for me.

In the past, when I started blogging, I used this blog as a place to learn to write. There was no specific topic at the time. Then I began to learn to manage the blog posts that I made based on categorization, so the contents did not appear to be mixed topics.

There were times when I used the blog to make writing that would later become the material of the book (even though the book was not yet available).

With so many quality writings made by cool writers in the form of blog posts, articles in magazines, books, then at this time I began collecting these writings in adapted forms on this blog. Like making clippings of writing that I like and simultaneously share with readers of my blog.

So as I mentioned earlier, the benefits can be enjoyed by me and you too.

Again, hopefully this blog can be useful for all of us.

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