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Bangwin Consulting

Hello friends

Bangwin Consulting is a consultancy for online business based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We enable digital transformation and presence for company and personal.


Bangwin Consulting provides a service of consultation for those who wants to start entering the digital world or in progress with undertaking the basic community management concept known as Digital Community Management.

With the rise of digitalisation in Indonesia and also disruption economy that uplift a new way of business we discovered a gap between the understanding of social media management, digital marketing and monetisation.

Understand the importance based on aspects of business it becomes the main reason for Bangwin Consulting and team to take the responsibility thus specializes in the world of internet.

Our Services

  1. Knowledge. Customize syllabus of learning series. As trainer and coordinator for Talk show, Workshop, Training sessions for any corporate or group on digital & social media.
  2. Project-Based Digital Transformation. A partner for your online business transformation.
  3. Resource Management. Partner with other experts and support in digital headcount.

Founder dan Principle Consultant, Abang Edwin Syarif Agustin, known as Bangwin, started learning the internet since 1994. He is an influencer blogger/writer also vlogger, podcaster and also keynote speaker. Bangwin helps leading brands, companies big and small, communities, personal, and startups develop digital transformation for their business or a personal brand.

Partner Consultant, Tyas Handayani. A marketer background in advertising, branding,e-commerce and social organization. Experience in leading digital transformation and change management for corporation as well as social organization. Tyas is also is a blogger/writer whose passionate in sharing knowledge. She has expand and built a new Podcast series that she named, MindShift.

For project enquiries : tyas@bangwinconsulting.com or bangwin@bangwinconsulting.com

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