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Meet Bangwin

Abang Edwin SA (Bangwin) has always been an online media lover ever since the internet penetrated Indonesia for the first time. He then decided to make the internet or online media as his second world (after real world, of course).

Beside internet, he’s so into music as well. He once dreamt about having a career as a musician but life took him to another path. Being so much in love with music, he then put his best effort in music industry with another roles, such as ran an indie label (RedTurtle Music) and became a promoter to bring Indonesian bands to perform in Singapore (Esplanade, most of the time).

With a product design capability he got in college and his early work experience in electronic home appliances industry, Bangwin learnt how to create the internet to be a great place to “gather”. People nowadays call it as “Online Community Management”, which includes social media strategy.

In 2003, Bangwin successfully built an internet-based radio for Indonesian listeners in New York City, USA. Voice Of Jakarta (VOJ) , the radio, is now on standby mode, since Bangwin manages it all by himself. Thanks to VOJ, Bangwin was invited to become an instructor at a DIY event in New York City in 2004, where he shared his knowledge about building an online radio.

In 2007, Bangwin joined Yahoo! Southeast Asia as a Community Manager, where his job was to manage and maintain the users of Yahoo!’s community products until he decided to resign from his last position as a Senior Community & Social Media Manager for Yahoo! Indonesia in 2012.

After helping one Singapore-based start-up company called Thoughtbuzz enter Indonesia market for 5 months, he started offering his expertise as a consultant to companies that are interested in activating their online existences.

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